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Save Money and Repair Obsolete Equipment
Do you have a Hach PCX, a MET ONE LB1020, PMS sensor, ChemTrac or other equipment that needs repair, upgrade, or modernization? We can repair them all at half the price of a new system. We can maintain all of your particle counters forever and we will never have obsolete replacement parts. Are you worried that you will need to change your software? We can provide a black box that works with any sensor package for a complete upgrade or we can utilize any manufacturer’s hardware to interface with your system.

Don’t buy new capital equipment when we can bring all of your current equipment to the current standards at a maintenance cost. We can upgrade your current system with a warranty with ISO compliance and software solutions and keep your system calibrated every year. Let us offer a quote to help you meet your state requirements. Avoid budgets and engineering firm specifications. Keep control of your plant and let us help you maintain your system forever.

New Technology at a maintenance price that works with your existing system.

Contact Laserlenz at any time (704) 587 9602 •



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