This is a list of the services Laserlenz Calibration presently offers:

We repair, upgrade, and calibrate the following counters:
– Met One, Inc.
– Pacific Scientific
– Hach
– Particle Measuring Systems
– Hiac Royco
– Great Lakes Instruments
– Climet
– Rion
– US Filter
– ARTI Instruments
– Laserpure
– Chemtrac
– Lighthouse and more….

Optional Particle Counter Calibration Service Plans

To simplify your experience even further, we offer these two low cost options for your particle counter calibration needs.
The Silver Plan:
 Calibration and preventive maintenance once in any 12-month period.
The Platinum Plan:
 One on-site calibration AND one on-site preventive maintenance visit in one 12-month period.

Troubleshooting, Problem Solving & Quick Fixing of Existing Systems
• The rapid changes in particle counting have left many users with outdated equipment not supported by manufacturers.
We can maintain all particle manufacturers’ equipment as long as the user desires it. We can interface new technology with old software systems.
• Several services are offered to assist the end user in upgrading or replacing these units.
• Annual and bi-annual sensor calibration, replacement and general maintenance.

Installation and customer satisfaction programs

• Telephone computer control to fix software problems.
• Installation program options to install at a customer site.
• On-site extended warranty programs.
• Calibration program options.

OEM Particle Counter Upgrades

• Private Label

All services are guaranteed and we will meet or beat any of our competitors’ bids.
We offer prompt quote responses on custom order or custom OEM orders.
If you do not see a service we offer, give us a call, we may be able to refer you to someone who does – (704) 587 9602